Wild Waters of Iguassu

No, I’d never heard of the Iguassu Falls before this trip either. It’s the Eighth Wonder of the World, don’t you know. Impressive and thunderous, it straddles both Argentina and Brazil. These falls come in only second to Africa’s Victoria Falls. With more than 200 separate cascades, it’s taller than Niagara Falls by far. In fact, the tremendous amount of rushing water plunges from a height of a 24-story building. Try and stand before Devil’s Throat, and not feel its thunder to the core.

Add to that the green smell of the rainforest which teems with wild bromeliads, and Tarzan’s rainforest vines, ferns, delicately trembling orchids, and full-throated cicadas. Vividly-colored butterflies perch and preen, short mud-colored alligators try to hide, raccoons try to shepherd their young, lizards work their throats, iguanas stare, a rainbow peacocks over everything. Look for birds, birds, birds. Wheeling vultures. A silly flock of giggling green parrots. Toucans!

Toggle F11 for a bigger screen and captions.

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One thought on “Wild Waters of Iguassu

  1. Lawks, mi dear….what a nice trip!
    Now I have to go. Or maybe I don’t need to go again, now that you saw it for me!
    But I seriously must go, and go soon.

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